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G&L Translations is an Azerbaijani business rendering translation/interpretation and event planning services to the wide range of Azerbaijani governmental institutions and international organisations in Azerbaijan and beyond its borders.
Not listed? Request your language pair, and we’ll match you with the best translators in the field!

We create accurate and powerful localised content that truly reflects the diversity of each European region.


Whatever type of document you need translated, your order will be served by a proper native Turkish translator.


We will customize the translation according to their different perception of foreign texts.


A good Spanish translator doesn’t know the words; he knows the ranges of possible definitions.


We have, and will successfully use our rich experience of translating from Azerbaijani into any language or vice versa.


We provides high quality, professional Russian translations, our services will help you improve your global strategy.

our services.

An overview of our services.

G&L Translations offers the highest quality of written translation in the market through industry professionals at a wide variety of languages


The need for quality interpreter services is growing, and G&L Translations is keeping up with the demand while maintaining its high standards

Translation Equipment

G&L Translations, through collaboration with its sister company Lingual LTD, provides state of the art translation equipment for all the interpretation needs of your events

Event Managment

G&L Translations assigns a designated staff member for your event to help ensure that everything runs smoothly

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On 13.04.2023, the Technical Project Committee held a meeting to discuss the progress of their ongoing project.
First Technical Project Committee meeting
Why are Coffee Breaks important for an event? 
G&L Translations organized an event for 35 attendees at the IBIS hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan on 17 March 2023.​
G&L Translations organised an event for 100 attendees at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku.